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ZZ Hops May Meeting: Team Competition

ZZ HOPS May MeetingNext Tuesday, May 17th at 7:30pm, ZZ Hops is showcasing a team homebrew competition! With more than 20 homebrewers collaborating on creative journeys into the brewing world.

We challenged members of ZZ Hops to not only collaborate with a team of four to five club members but adhere to two restrictions on beer ingredients. The brewing teams must use maris otter as 60% of their grain bill. Each beer must also contain some form a of citrus. Everything else is fair game!

The competition is designed to get brewers collaborating and learning from each other. We also wanted to see all the crazy beer styles and funky citrus additions.

Now ZZ Hops doesn’t do anything small time so we invited celebrity judges to tell us which beer was the best. We have Celina Tio from the Belfry and Julian, Neil Witte Master Cicerone from Boulevard, the brewers from Crane Brewing Company, and a few other celebrities coming out to drink and talk about beer with us!

If you have an interest in beer, brewed one batch, or hundreds of beer before, you come join us as we have a lot to celebrate and beer to drink! Come join us on May 17, 2016. There is amazing food at Frankie Farelanes and we will be laughing and drinking for a while! Try the smoked wings, they are legendary!