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Yeast Vault

Requesting Yeast

Please fill out the form below to request a yeast strain from the vault.  Upon request, Barry Preuett will bring a 10mL vial of your requested strain for use in a starter. Requests must be made by 8:00 PM on the second Monday of the month (the Monday prior to the next ZZ Hops meeting).  This will ensure the yeast is ready for propagation.

Propagating the Starter

Place the 10mL vial into a 250mL starter for 24 hours.  Next, place the 250mL starter into a 2L starter for 48 hours.  The 2L starter will be pitched into the wort.

Contributing To The Yeast Vault

If you have a strain you would like to add to the club’s yeast vault, please bring the strain to the next meeting. Save your emptied yeast package or a small jar with a bit of trub or washed yeast.
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