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The club meets on the third Monday of each month at 7:00PM. We welcome all brewers (and lovers of beer) at all experience levels. Don’t brew yet? That’s okay – we’ll convince (or teach) you about how easy it can be to get started.

Meeting Locations vary from month to month at the moment but are generally located near Downtown Lee’s Summit. Meeting formats are mostly informal and are designed to allow socialization, networking and interactivity. Nights usually start with the placement of beer (homebrew or commercial) on a table where other people may sample it. A small portion of the night is dedicated to going over club business which is then followed by the night’s featured topic, discussion or activity. Some nights feature guest speakers such as Michael Crane, Celina Tio, Neil Witte and Christopher Meyers.

We invite (encourage) you to bring homebrew to share–or commercial beer if you don’t have any homebrew on hand. We recommend bringing at least a few bottles if not a growler (of homebrew) if you would like everyone to be able to sample it. Any amount from a single bottle to a six pack of commercial beer will do.

Between meetings, keep up with club activities by using our social media. Our Facebook group is a great place for discussion, our Twitter is pretty informative and our Instagram usually features things that the club members are doing.