May 18, 2016


Please fill this form out to submit your interest in competing in the September 20th SMASH beer competition. S.M.A.S.H. stands for Single Malt And Single Hop. In this competition, you may choose your hop and grain, however, you will receive your yeast requirement at the June 13th Meeting at Crane Brewing. Please remember that this is not the normal date for our meetings (usually the 3rd Tuesday of the month) and that the change is due to summer scheduling issues.

Requirements for the comp are as follows:

  • One and only one type of malt
  • One and only one type of hop
  • Required yeast
  • No additions (sugar, spice, fruit, specialty malts etc)
  • Water, pH, and fining additions such as Irish Moss, Gelatin & Yeast Nutrient are fine.
  • You may alter your ingredients by process but not by adding ingredients. Example: You may roast your own malts to provide color/flavor but you may not add anything to them or use a malt other than your chosen malt.
  • Each person may only be involved in one submitted beer. Meaning: you may not enter with a partner and as yourself. One beer per person.
  • You must be a paid member to compete. If you have not paid your yearly dues, you may go here for more information or contact Alex Workman.